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As you may know I have been doing this fitness stuff for about 20 years. And that is about half of my life. I also just had a special day, my 41st birthday! And I hate celebrating myself.

I am not quite sure where this came from, my lack of enjoyment in a day, for me. I started to think about the last birthday that I wanted to celebrate. And I think it was my 21st, which at this point in my life was 20 years ago. SO I have not been celebrating myself for 20 years, and it looks like I have a lot to make up. BUT, why do I not celebrate? The answer is not simple but has to do with why you don't see me posting on social media daily and the reason I am not so good at promoting. I feel like my purpose is to help others. I enjoy helping others in many ways, and feel my personal life is not relevant to my business. I find contentment in the joy (pain) of others. I feel like if I celebrate myself then I feel like I should be honored for my life accomplishments. I would rather be honored for your life accomplishments. I want to see you success and be available to help you feel better and reach your goals. I don't want to waste time celebrating me when I not only have a business but more importantly, a family. I want to be sure that they are happy and celebrated.

BUT enough babble, this year my 18 year old daughter said to me, "You should celebrate with your mom, you never know how many more birthdays you will have with her." And I have to say I was pissed! My reply was silence. Often the silent is the only answer, the silence is where we find the answer or maybe see the truth.

I do believe in God and do believe every day is a blessing! So this year I am celebrating! So now you get to hear what I unpacked in this cluttered brain!

I am celebrating my faith, my reason and purpose! I hope that this year is even better then the last in my faith community.

I am celebrating my family, my supporting husband, always at my side, ready to help me.

I am celebrating my kids, who have been growing in their own ways and have been my joy!

And I am celebrating my friends and family who are all here, wishing me a happy birthday!

And finally, last but not least I am celebrating DelcoPHIT, my 4th baby!

I am here for all of you in your journey and want you to know that I still have to work on myself but I am always working with you!

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