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Our Team.

DelcoPHIT started with me, Nicole Smith, teaching multiple times a day but only continues because of the growing team. We all love fitness and have a dedication to 

promote your journey in safe and challenging ways to achieve your goals. 

I started DelcoPhit in order to join a community in fitness in a time of need. As a personal trainer, fitness instructor and a nurse who has a family, I understand the time constrains of life. The early hours are my time and I feel that giving yourself at least 45 minutes to challenge your body, sweat and build some endorphins.  I believe in all methods of fitness, and have been certified in a variety of modalities. I want to meet you where you are in your fitness journey.  Being in the fitness industry since the ripe age of 18, I have worked in and been to multiple gyms and enjoy working to create my space to welcome you and guide you in the direction of a better, fitter life!


Nicole Smith




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