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Healthy Food

Food for Thought

Accountabilty, consistancy and attainability

We are more then what we eat!!

This group is designed to engage you in a healthy lifestyle.  

We will provide ways to maintain habits that will insure a long life.

Nutrition programs are full of fad diets and myths the claim to be "the best" yet there is no best way. We are each individuals and have to find what best works for you. I  believe in daily movement as well as whole foods to fuel your body. 

In order to feel good, you must eat well!

Body fat percentage and measurements are available for group members, and recommended however not required.

It is encouraged to take pictures of yourself, but no need to share.

We want you to feel good in the skin you are in!! And the clothes you wear. 

There will be no weight goals or size goals. 

We will keep you accountable with more than just food!

Such as, are you moving your body?And drinking? And sleeping? and relaxing? And taking care of yourself? Enjoying life?

This 3 month program is $100/month. 

Give us 3 months and see what you can improve in your life. 

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