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Fitness Classes

Each class is designed to challenge your body as well as be catered to any need you may have to modify the exercises. 

Every day holds a different style of workout in order to make your fitness journey one of diversity and balance. It is your journey and we encourage you to make it your own. 

Gym Equipments

SPIN & Lower Body HIIT

This class combine work on the bike with high intensity interval training for the legs, off the bike as well. Giving your lower body a burn.

TRX & Core Conditioning

TRX is a suspension trainer that puts great emphasis on your core while continuing to build strength in the entire body. This can also give the option to modify any exercise. 


This is class that uses cardio and strength intervals in a fast pace to keep your body moving and alternates upper body, lower body and core work in 30 second to 1 minute intervals. 


Strength is done by giving the muscle a force that requires increased effort.  This class will utilize a variety of sources to gain strength, such as TRX, weights and resistance bands. 


This is a class that takes your small muscles and gives them a big challenge. Lots of small movements for a big burn.


The Tabata is a high intensity interval that uses the ratio of 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, in sets of 8.  The goal is to work at a maximal effort and match with rest to give your body a long lasting calorie burn.


Yoga is for everyone and everyone needs yoga. The benefits of yoga goes beyond just stretching your muscles, but will help rest your mind.

KETTLEBELL Conditioning

The kettlebell is one of the best ways to train cardio and strength in one workout. Use the kettlebell in order to increase heart rate while giving the muscles concentric and eccentric demands.


Personal High Intensity Training is the style of bootcamp that will make you work at your hardest and push yourself to your max! This is done in a circuit style class where you are able to get the most out of the exercises.

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