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I quit working out for 21 days...or more

Working out is my life, I teach multiple classes a day, and teach by doing, I fit in a personal workout most days, and I enjoy it! I lift, I swim, I yoga, I interval train, I dance, I workout with my personal training clients. I take off 1 day a week, and never 2 days in a row!

I preach, everyone is an individual when it comes to your workout. So I am not different. I have been pushing my body for years, and it needed a break. My body was not working properly, my mind was foggy and my spirit was fading, I was getting burnt out.

I would tell people, "I work hard and rest hard!" Because I would take naps or fall asleep by 7pm, on the couch.

Something had to give because I had no more to give!

I discovered a way to relax and recharge my body, mind and spirit. I am on a journey (just like you) to feel my best, to be my best and to be happy and grateful for where I am and what I have. So I started to meditate, breath, and grow in prayer. "Slow down to speed up!" is a way to say take your time so you are able to move forward with purpose. I was moving like a hamster on a wheel. ( I am still moving but like an older, wiser hamster)

Stillness is for your body and mind, to give you an increased spirit. And essential for growth in any aspect of life. Try it! I can help you.

Talk to me. I want to help you. The reason I do what I do, is because I love to help people feel better about themselves! I have always pushed people to move but now I am pushing you to stop moving. It's weird...but I am not telling you to be lazy. I am saying to find your stillness for your mind and body and recharge your spirit.

I love my life and I want to help you love your life.

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Beth Moore
Beth Moore

I think you nailed it, as we get older, stillness becomes as crucial as movement!


Meditation is amazing! I am happy you are slowing down and taking a breather. 🧘🏼‍♀️

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