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We are located in the L&M Professional Center

1254 West Chester Pike, Havertown

suite 201-202.

The enterance is behind the building, which faces the Eagle Crest Dentist and across from Mc Donald's drive through.

We are on the second floor above, Mexi Pizza and Giampinos.

Please call 484-440-9508 if you need help finding the location!


Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

DelcoPHIT started as a virtual workout during quarantine.  We took fitness to another level by offering multiple classes each day, all in the comfort of your own home. When allowed, DelcoPHIT moved to the parks, driveways, and some local parking garages. And then a dance studio, church, office space, and then Havertown Health and Fitness but now we have our own space. The SPOT is comfortable, clean, has rooms for changing, no parking meters, fans, beautiful flooring, loud music and a variety of equipment. We also host massage therapy, Reiki Sessions and IV therapy treatments for health promotion.

When the weather permits, we meet outdoors and enjoy the elements.

Parks such as Merry Place, on Glendale Road provide a secluded space to workout and even bring children to play.  Check for updates and like us on FB and IG, and join the app for the most up to date messages.

We have been going strong for over four years and will always find a way to meet your needs in health and fitness. Nothing will stop DelcoPHIT!


We are committed to making your life healthier. If you are too, join DelcoPHIT and let's achieve it together.

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