Updated: Mar 27

Getting started is easy, but to keep at it...

Easy is a funny word. And is also subjective, right? Getting started is easy because I am getting a pass for the new member or the first timer that is here to try class.

Delcophit has a high probability of encouraging you to take that step into the next class and then making this a habit that sticks. The thought of working out alone is exciting for me but the fun I have with my workout friends is just the best way to start the day. And I strongly recommend that you try it.

Phit Tip#1

Find you in fitness, your time, your style, your people that encourage you to do better and be your best.

The number one excuse is I don't have time. Well the fact is we all have 24 hours in a day and if you don't take an hour or less to workout, your days are numbered... I'm harsh but mostly honest. So what are you doing at 5am? And if you are working then are you still working at 4pm? I try to give options for everyone and I can also come to you. Personal Training is a great way to get moving and it's private and personal. There is also an option to have a private class with you and 5 friends. I am here for you to succeed, and will be here throughout your journey.

Now style...what is your style of fitness...cardio, strength, stretching, core? And what do you need? That is simple consistency and a variety. We have all that for you.