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Summer Vibes

I am headed home from a 5 day trip to the beach, with my family.

My immediate family and some extended family. My vibe was totally chill.

But as we unpack, do laundry and discuss the upcoming week,

all I want to do in plan my next vacation!

If you know me, Summer is my most best favorite and amazing time of the year.

This will get me through this week, plans to go back to the beach! LOL

There are things in life, children, family situations and obligations that can make the Summer different each year. And I have to say it has been a hard Summer for me.

My daughter back from her first year at college, a hormonal pre teen and my 8 year old that just wants to play baseball all day, everyday!

Through it all I have managed to stay grounded by participating in a small bible study at my church. (some of you know)

This group has helped me to study the bible as well as apply this to my life and my thoughts of Summer.

I love the Summer, but I love my children and family much more and want to make sure that I am here for them and present to be the mother, I am meant to be during this season of my life.

I encourage you to take a step into a bible study, coaching group or maybe a group of trusted friends where you find support for yourself and make each change in your life better to navigate with support. And if you need more suggestions, message me!

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