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Staying motivated?

I love to workout but not all people do. This is the season we fall off and get caught up and push aside our workouts for shopping, gatherings and the holiday shuffle. I think of it as making a choice, in the morning for me is the easiest! No excuses! Get up and get it done. Right? well not always, sometimes you are tired and need sleep more. Abad sometimes the kids wake up or your partner is working early or away. I put these little home workouts is my back pocket...

I run hill repeats! Yes they suck!! But it's a quick burn! And its right out front of my house.

I ride my bike in my basement. There is no need for a peloton but a home bike or piece of equipment you can use at home while kids are around or time is limited.

Kettlebell swings! Don't leave home without your tooth brush abad kettlebell!

My favorite the 12 minutes of burpees!

So share with me any ideas or questions or what you do for a quick burn. Better to do something for 12 minutes then nothing at all.

And go shopping after! Eat out with your friends! Enjoy the season but stay motivated!

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