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PHIT philosophy #4- I think

DelcoPHIT is a roaming nomad. But remember all that wander aren't lost! I love to wander, through the phone, through the mall (when I had time), through a magizine (usually at a doctors office, waiting too long), down the beach, on a hike, and even like to wander around the neighborhood.

I consider DelcPHIT a part of my life that just happened, organically. I have a hard time with staying committed to the same thing when it comes to a workout or a job. I get bored easily and I am always looking to improve and learn more. So the path that this fitness enterprise has taken on, mimics my style.

My style is to stay busy, but to keep moving, constantly evolving, always looking for the best methods to get you motivated.

We all need a little change, and staying committed to a fitness routine is vital but the workout itself must keep you on your toes.

Your body has muscle memory, and your muscles need a jolt to incorporate more work, recruit more of your muscle fibers and even to continue to stay fit.

So what I am trying to say is to wander around the classes, try something new, change your routine up, pick up heavier weights, expand your horizon, get out of your comfort zone.

The comfort zone can be cozy and while that is wonderful...MAKE A WEEKLY GOAL to change that! You never know until you try!

I am here for you and I speak for any of our instructors as well, when I say SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

Try a dance class, or a strength class or maybe YOGA!

OR WAKE UP EARLY! and do the 6am won't be sorry!

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