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Hang in there...

There is certainly no tricks here, just tips from a health coach to help you have the best holiday season. I actually, not long ago, would say things like, "I hate the holildays" or "Thanksgiving is the worst" and "it's all about money." This is just the way my fitness centered brain worked, all the treats, parties, decrease in the class attendance and my own personal issues. I won't get into today...

But the wiser (not older)I get I see the holidays in a different way...

Starting your day with gratitude and a goal is always a good way to begin on a positive note! And KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid!! Such as, "today I am grateful for my DelcoPHIT family and I will be sure to get outside and take a walk for some fresh air and sun!"

As all the activities, festivities and food begins to build up, remember to make time for yourself and your health...

  1. Move daily, maybe yoga or stretching, even 10 minutes makes a difference!

  2. Hydrate! water before you eat, all day long, and while you drink...if you drink alcohol

  3. Get your greens in! Greens are packed with nutrients and fiber, to keep your immune system on point and your belly full!

  4. Talk to friends, laugh with friends, daily!!

  5. EAT SLOW, but sleep fast!-- I can elaborate on these if you ask me, so ask

Thanksgiving is not my favorite food however it is the best way to start the season.

Be grateful & give back!

Some tips specific for Thanksgiving...

  1. Come to the Thanksgiving workout!

  2. Eat breakfast with plenty of protein!

  3. Make a healthy side, maybe a green one to add to your meal (maybe try the recipe below)

  4. Balance your plate and ENJOY!!

Our life is full of choices, but remember to always have fun and find pleasure in the times with your loved ones. The laughter and joy releases those good hormones that help us stay healthy. So spend your time wisely, eat the things you enjoy and always look for the best way for you to keep balanced!!

Simple Green Beans

1/2 lbs of Fresh green beans

1 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tablespoons of avocado oil

red pepper flakes (optional)

kosher salt

1/2 cup of water

Clean and Cut off the tips of beans.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet, and red pepper flakes, and salt.

add beans, water and garlic

cook until bright green!! Enjoy

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