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Mondays, the best day of the week!

Most of us love Fridays but not Mondays. I love Mondays! It is a new beginning, a reset. And we should strive make it great always. So I fill my cup on Sunday, with church. I believe there is something greater then this life and a reason to make this life fulfilling. I try to find thanks in everyday. I use a daily planner, and find one thing each day to be thankful for. I enjoy the first day of the week by planning something new, a day or time for myself and a fun event to look forward to! This Sunday I went to a women's tea. We discussed journaling, a past time I don't think I can make time for. However my daily planner has given me a new perspective in my routine. I say I am grateful for....then plan my day! Try it tomorrow...and keep it going for a week! Message me if you have any comments!

Give thanks!

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