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How to Rest?

I am typing with one hand and it sucks but not as bad as working out with one hand. Rest is not easy for me, but easy for most. Working out is easy for me, but not easy for most. I love to use myself to motivate and thats just one of the reasons I started Delcophit. I love to stay busy but sweating is my favorite! I feel like sweating is my way of earning my shower. So what dose the resting earn me? At this point my healing is the goal of resting. But I can not stop thinking of my next move. How do you find your motivation to not move? to slow down? to rest? In the weekly plan you must plan to rest and recharge and heal. "Working in "is what my good friend says. And it is just as important as working out. Find your motivation to move and earn you rest. Tell me what it is your drive, passion, self confidence, love of life, ability to be more agile, stay healthy or just move with easy.

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