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A balanced fitness routine

A weekly schedule that will improve your fitness level and your over all health has variable daily activities. First making a schedule can be a challenge, when you have a partner, children, a job and responsibilities. And oh yourself... SO where do you fall in your order of priorities? We have all heard the phrase that you can not take good care of anyone before you take care of yourself. And you know it is TRUE. On the daily, hourly, and down to minutes we make decisions about what we will do, where we will go and who will drive, eat and so much more. But your schedule needs to start with very simple tasks...

Monday is for me! I work all weekend ( mostly) so this is a day I prioritize me!

I am not an advocate of "Me first" mentality at all. I would rather help someone or give someone or take time for someone. But I need to fill my cup too. That means I still do what I must and take care of my family and clients but I spend at least an hour on something that gives me rest, rejuvenation, and feeling anew. This week I went for a massage, an hour and a half! This is something that not only feels good and gets your lymph drainage moving. This is a system of your body that needs to be cleared out. Tuesday is for Tabata not only in DelcoPHIT but in life, Work hard 20, rest for 10 can be applied to my day. SO there is some rest but more work. Wednesday is for weights, pick up heavy sh#$%! This works muscles of the mind and body. Thursdays are a busy day for me as well but I see a client who has become a friend. We laugh and talk and sweat but it's just what I need. I feel bad taking money from people when the time I spend is so fulfilling for me. Fridays I work harder then Thursdays, usually but love every minute of the Elevate Medical Aesthetics and Wellness that I am a part of, using my nursing experience to make people feel good and have confidence in themselves. Saturday is a day for work in all my jobs, teaching, training, nursing and then finally Sunday. Sunday I stay grounded at church. I need God in my life. And keep him the center so I can do life purposefully!!

Each day I take care of my family, work but make sure there is something for me. So I have a grateful heart for my family but for the simple things that make me smile, restore me and give me energy to give all I can back to the people that matter to me.

And balancing means you take care of you, everyday in a small way! Take a power nap, drink a glass of wine, do a yoga class, read a few pages from a book, laugh with an old friend, get a mani, pedi, massage. So make a list of things you enjoy and DO THEM!

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