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DelcoPHIT has partnered with

Elevate Medical

Aesthetics and Wellness Center for the first Health Promotion Solution in Delco!

We believe in moving everyday, eating a well balanced diet and introducing your body to essential vitamins and minerals.  

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$30 for all classes!!!

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At Havertown Health & Fitness and Springfield Library Park

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All levels, all abilities and any modification for you...


 All you need is a mat and motivation!



Class Offerings

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Yoga/ Barre


This is a Personalized High Intensity Training circuit of strength and cardio exercises. You will be challenged with functional movements.. Our trainers inspire & motivate Members and provide modifications to satisfy all fitness levels.

All  equipment is provided!


A workout that uses body weight resistance, weights and the amazing kettlebell for a full body workout. The kettlebell is a dynamic training tool that can increase overall strength. This will improve body composition and keep you burning calories all day long.

A kettlebell is required however we can provde you with one.


Cardio at a level which challenges you to improve your cardiovascular (heart and lungs) system combined with core muscle work to promote better posture and back strength.  This class uses a suspension trainer to build full body endurance.

A suspension trainer is required, but can be provided.


A high intensity workout that uses a 20:10 ratio of work to rest. A quick way to get your sweat on and increase stamina.

This can be done at your level and challenge you to get stronger, faster and more fit.

Equipment used at home are weights, resistance bands, gliders and a chair.

A key component of any workout routine where you lengthen and strengthen your body while connecting the body to the mind.  An incredible experience enhancing the mind and soul.


We foster a safe, healthy, and controlled exercise environment.  Masks are required upon arrival and exit of indoor and outdoor locations where Delco PHIT classes are held.  Participants are encouraged to sanitize hands before, during, and after workouts. 


Please do not participate in in-person classes if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, or have been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days.


In order to better serve our current members and our prospects Elevate Medical Aesthetics and Wellness will now be found at