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Build your immunity  and muscle together. Invite 3 or more friends and book a session to Elevate your body. 

Concierge fee will be waived. Add on vitamins reduced and custome pricing. Have a  fun and healthy party!

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Beauty Treatment


A non invasive skin therapy that refreshes your face.

Single Session $300

2 Sessions $500

3 Sessions $725

Dermal Fillers

Increase volume and restore youth in cheeks, lips,  & under eye.



Platelet Rich Plasma

100% Natural 

This is procedure that uses your own platelets to restore a youthful appearance as well as stimulate hair growth. Can help create new collagen and reduce scars, decrease acne scars, decrease stretch marks.  

PRP can be used as an organic filler.  Platelets from your own blood in order to promote cell growth and regeneration. This will magnify skin and show youthful fresh looking face. 

Botox &


Reduce fine

lines and wrinkles in the forehead, crows feet, "angry 11" between the eyes and more.



Minimally invasive procedure to improve appearance of scars, boost collagen, even skin tone, sun damage, wrinkles, and stretch markers.

Primarily used on the face however can be use on stretch marks as well.


IV Nutrition


This is a way to maxmize health, performance and wellness.  Hydrate after a hangover, restore electrolytes after a race, improve immunity and increase energy.

One Liter Bag of Normal saline $99

This is a bag of H2O and Saline delivered directly into your vasculature and improving overall health.  This may help your physical and mental well being.  Hydration can improve your immune system and refresh your body from the inside.

Ask about our add on nutrients!

"After a night of drinking like I was in college, I received a dose of Myers Cocktail, and I was mowing the lawn that afternoon!"


"I felt more cognitively clear and was able to get back to my regular training without injury"


"The b12 shot is my remedy for working night shift. I feel better and am able to work 12 hours without a load of coffee."


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