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Sips, chips and dips!! Tis the season!!

My weekend was full of too many sips, too many chips and too many dips!

But it's Tuesday!

So getting your butt in gear?? Drinking water, and getting your sweat on?

The sun is shining and the sun calls my name. Like Moana gets called by the ocean.

I love being outside and wish I could take the roof off my house but keep the bugs and animals out. I want to talk about how you can make it through the season, feeling your best.

I am on a mission to do this for myself. When I am prepping for an event or party, I make a choice to eat before. As advised by many I bring a dish that I will eat, because of my restrictions, intolerances and discipline, I attempt this. Unfortunately this is not always available to me. But I set myself up for success!

Now the drinking, it's a real issue with your body however many of us, including myself, enjoy a cocktail or 2, or 10.

So drink water in between each drink. Do your best to have a low sugar drink. Lite is always right! And pace issue! The water helps me. As well as eating prior to the party.

If your belly is full, you don't have room.

When you wake up, drink more water! Eat a health, breakfast. The idea that the greasy food soaks up the alcohol is absurd. The alcohol gets digested into your system and needs to be filtered out. The grease food makes you tired, which you should avoid and just take a nice nap. (when possible) Or try an IV drip??? Just sayin!

So my advice is pick up a plate. Don't pick! By getting a plate you see the amount of food you eat.

Bring a dish that you enjoy, let me know if you need one!

And eat prior to the party.

Drink SLOW, drink water.

And if you are as dorky as me, I have some great drinks that you can bring with you that are non-alcoholic!!

Sip slow, sleep fast and eat smart!!

Love the Summer!

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